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North Vancouver is our current federal electoral district. Since 1988, this vibrant and diverse district, home to some 109,650 individuals in a total area of 342 km2, has been represented by the Conservative Party of Canada and its precursor parties for 22 of the last 31 years.

Communities and First Nations which are included in the North Vancouver district are:

The City of North Vancouver; that part of the District Municipality of North Vancouver lying westerly and northerly of a line described as follows: commencing at the intersection of the northerly limit of said district municipality with the western bank of the Seymour River; thence generally southerly along said bank to the northerly boundary of Seymour Creek Indian Reserve No. 2; thence generally westerly along said boundary to the Mount Seymour Parkway; thence westerly along said parkway to the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway No. 1); thence northwesterly along said highway to Lynn Creek; thence generally southerly along said creek to the westerly limit of said district municipality; that part of Subdivision A lying easterly of the Capilano River and westerly of the Indian River and Indian Arm, passing to the east of Croker Island; and Mission Indian Reserve No. 1.